7. How much is it? 얼마에요?

Lesson 7- Shopping

  1. Words of cloths

– Cloths: 옷               – Jean: 청바지                   – Skirt: 치마                 – Hat: 모자

– Shoes: 신발              – Running shoes: 운동화

  1. It fits nicely: 잘 어울려요.
  2. It is expensive: 비싸요 / It’s cheap: 싸요
  3. Do you take credit cards? : 카드 되요?

– Monthly installments: 할부

– 3 months installments: 삼 개월 할부      – 6 months: 육 개월        – 12 months: 십이 개월



A: May I try this? : 이거 입어봐도 되요?

B: Of course: 물론 이죠.

A: Where’s the fitting room? : 탈의실 어디예요?

B: It’s over there: 저기예요.

(five minutes later)

A: I like this one: 이게 마음에 들어요.

B: It fits you nicely:  잘 어울려요.

A: How much is this? : 얼마예요?

B: It’s a hundred thousand won: 십 만원 이요.

A: Wow, it’s really expensive: 와, 너무 비싸요.

Do you take a credit card? : 카드 되요?