4. At the supermarket (Shopping) 슈퍼마켓 쇼핑


  1. Do you have SOMETHING?

1) Do you have~: ~있어요? (Itsseoyo)

Ex) Do you have tissue? :화장지 있어요? (Hwasangji, itsseoyo)

Do you have water? : 물 있어요?


  1. Please give me SOMETHING

1) Please give me~: ~ 주세요(Jooseyo)

Ex) Please give me tissue: 화장지 주세요.

Please give me coke: 콜라 주세요.


  1. How much is this?

1) How much is this? : 이거 얼마예요? (E-geo, eolmayeyo)


  1. How much is that?

2) How much is that? : 저거 얼마예요? (Jeogeo, eolmayeyo)


Today’s Words

– 화장지 (Hwajangsi): Tissue                                          – 물 (Mool): Water

– 콜라 (Cola): Coke                                                         – 담배 (Dambae): Cigarette

– 이거 (E-geo): This                                                         – 저거 (Jeogoe): That